Industrial filter media

Industrial Air Filtration

Filtration media for wide range of applications for removing dust and small particles. Materials produced in one or more layers, from voluminous materials to standard one layer filter media with excellent pleating performance. For removing odors and emissions, we designed filter media KARBOFIL with high performance activated carbon layer. Filtration performance can be upgraded to higher level with additional meltblown layer.

    Side strip

    Wide range of materials for side strips for pleated filters. Available also with impregnation solutions.

      Industrial Liquid filtration

      • Media for Belts filters– made of 100% synthetic fiber. We have developed wide range of filter media for separating particles from fluid. Our products are suitable for general coarse filtration, fine filtration, and retention of specified particle sizes during the clarification of various liquids.
      • Media for milk filters– developed for right flow-through focusing on efficient and good quality of milk filtration.
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