Many car producers have already discovered the advantages of using nonwovens for headliners. Besides nice appearance, nonwoven textiles are easy to work with and offer high resistance towards abrasion, excellent acoustical performance and high tolerance against discoloration among others.

Filc can offer you decorative textiles for headliners, which meet all technical requirements of the automotive industry and fulfil the highest demands of contemporary design.

    decorative textiles

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      Boot Liners, Boot Floor Coverings, Boot Carpets

      The automobile boot or trunk is produced from Filc high quality nonwovens to protect car against damage from dirt or spills and to pad cargo against abrasion or shock. Specifically, a boot liner shields the vehicle carpet from damage. In co-operation with leading automotive sub-suppliers Filc develops and manufacture a wide spectrum of decoration and basic materials for car boot parts.

        Interior Trim & Parcel Shelves

        Aesthetic of interior car components is important for well-balanced interior design. Filc produces decorative nonwoven materials for use in thermoforming process for interior trim and parcel shelves.

          Cargo screen

          Our cargo screen nonwoven material is an innovative and sustainable approach for lighter and more compact luggage cover systems.

          Leather like surface designs and broad variety of colours provide a significant leading edge versus current solutions

            Carpets and Flooring

            Filc provides a wide range of nonwoven products and processes to respond to the needs of your product ranges and product as backing substrates and basic materials for flooring.