Condensation Control membrane for metal roofs.

DR!PSTOP ® is a different way of dealing with the problem of condensation on uninsulated metal roofs in a simpler more economical way. It is a self-adhesive membrane applied to the metal sheet during profiling process.

Please visit DR!PSTOP homepage www.dripstop.net for detailed information.

    SOUNDCONTROL® 80 for perforated panels is a self-adhesive, porous membrane that is characterized by great air resistance, which is necessary for efficient sound reduction. It is intended for use with perforated elements of metal, wood, plasterboard or plastic (for indoor use in offices, waiting rooms, airports, train stations etc). Its purpose is to improve room acoustics, which is reached by improved sound absorption of a ceiling and/or walls.


      SOUNDCONTROL® 200 is a self-adhesive acoustic absorber developed for metal constructions. It reduces the rainfall noise and offers a maximum broadband sound absorption inside the room from noise caused by indoor activities. SOUNDCONTROL® 200 is so very effective due to its porous structure which assures high acoustic performance.

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