Filtration for automotive

Air filtration for automotive

  • Air cabin filter media– design to improve air quality and comfort of cabin area. At the same time, our materials are protecting passengers from external influences through a high performance activated carbon layer of our KARBOFIL product line with increased absorption efficiency of certain gases, according to customer’s requirements. Filtration performance can be increased to higher level with additional fine fiber meltblown layer. As additional upgrade of our filter media, we supply chemically treated high protection input layer of carbon filter media with various chemical treatments, such as antimicrobial treatment or layer threated with anti-allergenic agent.
  • Air engine filter media– our engine filter media is produced of 2-layer nonwoven material. Materials are made of 100% synthetic fibre for long lifetime of air engine filter. Good pleating and molding behavior without chemical additives. Materials with self-extinguish property and do not require additional treatment.
    The Nonwoven-Filter Services Rendered by Filc

    Liquid filtration for automotive

    Oil filtration media protects the engine from solid impurities for better performance and longer lifetime of vehicles.

      Side strip

      Wide range of materials for side strips for pleated filters. Available also with impregnation solutions.