Business policy

Filc d.d., a producer and seller of high-quality non-woven textiles and laminates of polyester and polypropylene fibres, which are used in the automotive industry, in construction, in filtration, footwear industry, personal hygiene, etc. undertakes to plan an environmentally-friendly production that does not represent a negative impact on the environment, to constantly improve processes and to meet the requirements of all involved parties and to continuously improve performance of the management system.

The development of our company in recent years shows that we follow up the right strategy which gives us, together with a regular analysis of risks and opportunities, a good basis for further successful expansion of our business. The key to our success is a long-term partnership with our customers and suppliers.By increasing the added value we provide a higher level of satisfaction of all interested parties.We accept the values of Filc and function ethically.Our business policy is focused on the achievement of strategic objectives, which ensure the realization of the vision and the mission of the company, and reflects the fundamental orientations of the system management.

We show our care for the environment by achieving environmental objectives and regularly monitor key environmental aspects and their impacts on the environment in accordance with the existing applicable environmental legislation, not only in the production phase, but also through the lifetime of our product.

By investing in the development and implementing the best available technology we optimize processes in terms of improving product quality, reducing energy consumption and improving business, while evaluating risks and searching for opportunities for improvement.By doing so, we are achieving a sustainable performance and protection of natural resources.The continuous education of our employees is raising professionalism, quality awareness and proper environmental management.

In providing management system, we pay great importance to cooperation with all interested parties, as well as with the local community, which is always informed about all important events.

The achievement of process and environmental objectives is binding for all employees and is also the benchmark of the management.The effectiveness of the management system is verified by planned management reviews and internal audits.  Each employee must carry out its work in accordance with the business policy and instructions and the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the selected requirements of ISO/TS 16949. Filc also encourages its suppliers and other contractual partners to meet the requirements of management standards.

The management of the company takes the necessary activities for understanding, implementing and maintaining the policy to all employees and all those working on behalf of Filc.As a managing director, I am personally responsible for regularly reviewing the achievement of objectives, necessary improvements and thus for the successful performance of the company.


Managing  Director : Alex Luckmann, B.Sc.Econ.

Škofja Loka, 01. 08. 2015